Your Life

Are you surviving?

Trying to win?

How is it going?

Are you waiting for something big to happen?

Initiations were banned 6000 years ago by the patriarchal empire. This means it will be necessary for you to go to the edges of modern culture to initialize your adulthood potentials.

Fortunately, this website is at that edge, a bridge between modern culture and next culture.

Next culture? Next culture centers itself around authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Modern culture is centered around personal gain and making a profit, regardless of the social, environmental, or personal costs. By now it should be perfectly clear that modern culture is being run by uninitiated adolescents.

Next culture does not come from repairing modern culture. Modern culture cannot be repaired. It is not broken. It is doing exactly as it is designed to do. Modern culture is exterminating life on Earth and replacing it with computers full of big numbers owned by a few people.

A key ingredient to the shift from patriarchy to archearchy is replacing profit with authentic adulthood initiatory processes as the highest value at the center of your culture. Who decides this?

Next culture is as different from modern culture’s capitalist patriarchal empire as modern culture is from roving matriarchal clans hunting and gathering.

Next culture is regenerative, sustainable, something wildly new, richly diverse, the archetypally initiated feminine ecstatically co-creating with the archetypally initiated masculine. Next culture is not matriarchy or patriarchy; it is archearchy.

Next culture acknowledges that Earth is not our planet. We do not live on spaceship Earth (Buckminster Fuller was wrong about this…). We are the Earth.

The mind has the capacity to think thoughts which are completely disconnected from reality, such as, “This paper says I own the planet and I can do whatever I want with it…”

We are the part of the forest that stood up and talks and can initiate each other enough to disidentify from our bodies and from our psychological belief systems (our Boxes…) and grow into our adult and archetypal potentials.

Below modern culture’s news radar, next culture is rapidly emerging in thousands of places around the Earth simultaneously as human awareness increases.

Awareness leads to responsibility. Responsibility is consciousness in action. Each distinction you get activates greater personal authority in you.

During initiation you take responsibility for something you may never have imagined could be taken responsibility for. This puts you at source for that thing. For example, before you take responsibility for your energetic center you reflexively give your center away to external authority figures as a survival strategy. After you are initiated regarding your center you consciously decide what you do with your center. From each new point of origin the next initiatory gateway becomes visible.

Nobody can get initiated for you.

Nobody can stop you from getting initiated.

Where is the human being? Deep inside their Box. It stays that way until successful adulthood initiatory processes make the Box optional and give choices for actions not possible when inside our childhood survival strategy.

Have you waited long enough?

The FAQ section (Frequently Asked Questions) explains how initiations work, and the differences between traditional indigenous initiations and the kinds of initiations needed in today’s unstable conditions with no working role models to adopt.

This website explains the necessity for authentic initiations into next culture adulthood so your mind understands why you might decide to spend time, energy, money, and excitement getting yourself initiated. You might not be able to explain it to your mother at first… but at least you will have more certainty about why you crave learning experiences that come from beyond what was given to you at school.

This website also provides links to a few initiators we have found to be reputable and worthy. This can be a useful reference for taking your next steps.

There is no particular order for initiatory experiences. The circle has no end. Trust what you are attracted to next and go do it. Also try the path of greatest resistance.

Someone might show you a gateway, but no one can go through for you, not even to save your life…

Doorways can lead to new futures. You can only go through a door when you are at the door. No one else can go through a door for you. When you are at a door, no one can stop you from going through it.

What you do next is up to you.

Understanding can only take you so far…

about this far…

Initiations include nature, community, girlstowomen, boystomen, ritual, ritesofpassage, mentor, Europe, connections, growth, welcome, liveauthentic, integrity, spirit, gather, cometogether, communication, feelings, emotions, magic, greatoutdoors, prayer, guide, nextculture, thoughtware, expandthebox, archearchy, radicalresponsibility, and of course, possibilitymanagement.

Building Matrix

(NOTE: Think of this website as a free online e-book about initiation.  The suggestion is to take the time you need to study it all the way through. I am promising it will be worth it. Almost each paragraph contains a powerful new distinction that your mind cannot digest. Instead, the distinction digests your mind. Each new distinction has the power to hack your worldview into a different shape. By changing the shape of your worldview the universe can interact with you differently and create new results for you. Isn’t that why you are reading this? To get some new results?)

Authentic adulthood cannot be triggered by an empty ritual or mere ceremony. There is, in reality, a gap between leaving behind a childhood survival strategy and activating an adulthood potential.

This gap can be formidable. Making it across the gap is not always successful. Some are lost.

Indigenous initiators knew they would lose about 10% of their candidates for adulthood. Lose meant fatality. Tribes often had a specially carved wooden board for bringing the bodies of the those who failed initiations back to the village where they were honored for having tried.

Hand carved indigenous ritual board for returning the bodies of those who failed initiations to the village so they could be honored for trying.

We haven’t lost anybody, but that is because we make our doorways very difficult to find. You must pass many tests just to get a chair in our initiatory training spaces. You need to have prepared yourself.

Nobody can prepare you for initiation. Nobody can stop you from preparing yourself. The preparation initiates the initiation.

How will you know you are prepared? When you suddenly find yourself at the next level. But then you are already not prepared enough for the next initiation.

There are two ways to work with this. Either you recognize that you can never be prepared enough, or you engage life as ongoing preparation.

Psychopaths don’t make it through authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Their measurable lack of a heart-mind connection dulls their conscience and prevents them from navigating their inner processes. On the other hand, a psychopath’s diminished sensitivities is ideal for climbing hierarchical power ladders in modern culture organizations. If you have no conscience then you can do whatever it takes to get the next power position in government, military, corporate, and religions hierarchies. It was the psychopaths who banned authentic adulthood initiatory processes from modern culture. Now you know why.

Next culture initiations depend on practices for building matrix. Matrix is the structure in your energetic body that holds consciousness. For example, have you ever read a book and then read the same book a few years later? Did you noticed how much more you could get out of the book the second time you read it? Or possibly, you noticed that you had outgrown the book? This is because in the meantime you have built more matrix into your energetic body and are now more conscious.

Matrix is constructed out of distinctions. If you get a distinction it changes who you are. For example, if the distinctions in the previous paragraph landed in your energetic body you are no longer the same person you were before reading it. You have already started interacting with the world in new ways.

The photos below were not staged. They suggest the diversity of initiatory experience needed to activate adulthood. To help you get the bigger picture, here are descriptions of three categories of initiatory processes, although there are many more.

1. One category of initiations focuses on healing the fear that you might suddenly lose modern technology and will no longer be able to survive.

Forty years ago the term technophobia was invented. It means fear of technology. At that time there was widespread fear about all the new technologies invading our lives (fax machines, microwave ovens, garage door openers, electric typewriters, satellite telephones, velcro, etc.)

Eating with chopsticks you made yourself.

Now, one generation later, we can’t imagine living without all this technology. We live in a strong unconscious fear that we might not survive if the car stops, the phone dies, or the refrigerator breaks down. The word for this fear is technopenuriaphobia, fear of losing technology, where penuria means the lack of.

Making by hand your own bow and arrows.

We are born high up on a ladder of technology and modern culture only encourages us to try to climb higher.  Technopenuriaphobia (TPP) is healed through installing low-tech rungs that permit us to descend off the ladder and once again set foot directly on the Earth.

2.  A second category of initiatory processes upgrades the thoughtware we use to think with.

Upgrading thoughtware… didn’t this happen in school? No. School taught us what to think about, not what to think with.

Educators in classes at school provide new content to think about.

Trainers in training spaces provide new distinctions in thoughtware to think with.

Because we inherited most of our thoughtware from our parents before we went to school, we are using thoughtware that has been passed along from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Without special efforts we end up using Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. It is very outdated… Newer and more powerful thoughtware is available with interesting and useful new features.

Upgrading thoughtware occurs in initiatory training spaces.

Why in training spaces? During a thoughtware upgrade there is always this nagging little time after the old thoughtware stops functioning and before the new thoughtware starts. These are liquid states.

Trainers are not Educators.

More importantly, Educators are not Trainers.

We need both. And right now what we need are a lot more Trainers delivering authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Perhaps you are getting ready to start. If so, please do not hesitate.

3. A third category of initiatory processes involves jacking us into our internal and external resources. These resources are abundant in the specific energy and information each person needs for delivering their true calling as a service to Earth.

Some of your new resources are navigated through adulthood levels of responsibility.

Some of your new resources are navigated through archetypal levels of responsibility.

Modern culture knows nothing about these resources, yet both adulthood and archetypal resources are completely natural. They are hard-wired into the human body. We already use many of these resources each day unconsciously to serve shadow purposes. We cannot use them consciously until we install batteries and turn the “on” switch during authentic initiations.

Adult and archetypal initiatory processes are powerful indeed. They may be what you have been longing for since you were about 18 years old, ready to shake off the restrictions of childhood and begin your initiatory journeys into adulthood and beyond.

Glance through these photographs and imagine yourself having these experiences. What would it do to your self-image? How would you integrate that experience into your life?

Initiation FAQs


  1. WHAT IS ADULTHOOD? It is easier to say what is childhood. Childhood is the condition of continuing to hide behind the survival strategy you adopted during your first 15 years of life for coping with your parents, school, your family and society. Without authentic adulthood initiations you continue to project mommy and daddy on the authority figures in your life… you remain trapped inside of your childhood survival strategies, as handicapped as a butterfly unable to escape from its chrysalis. Yes, your survival strategies do their job. They allow you to survive. The side effect is they block you from coming alive. In modern culture, authentic adulthood is an unknown condition. This is because the work needed to escape from childhood and expand into adulthood is equivalent to the struggles required for a butterfly to extract itself from its chrysalis, or a bird to escape from its eggshell. In other words, initiation takes real work. The patriarchy banned authentic adulthood initiatory processes long ago so as to make people easier to dominate. The rituals or ceremonies that remain in terms of getting a driver’s license, having a Bat Mitsva / Bar Mitsva or a Confirmation, or graduating from high school, are weak shadows of the real thing, not formidable enough to escape the grips of childhood convictions. Childhood is the allotted time you have to build matrix that is complex and resilient enough to hold the consciousness needed to take adulthood levels of responsibility. As a metaphor, if a spaceship does not attain a specified escape velocity during its launch it will never escape the grips of Earth’s gravitational field and will be pulled back to Earth to crash. To gain an adult relationship with your own potential and the universe, certain clearly defined work is needed to reach the childhood escape velocity. These are your your initiatory steps.
  2. WHY IS ONE INITIATION INSUFFICIENT? Fortunately in terms of activating your adult and archetypal potentials there is no top end. In short, some final adulthood state can never be achieved. Consciousness, the universe, and our potential as an adult are far beyond what we can currently imagine or understand. This is good news. It means that on your path of adulthood initiations you will never get bored. There is always more potential to unfold and activate. Adulthood initiation has no end, but it does have a beginning. The beginning is when you become so painfully aware that you are not initiated that you have no option but to do whatever it takes to make your first steps. By the time you read and understand this sentence you have barely enough time to get going.
  3. WHAT IS MATRIX? Matrix is the energetic structure in your Being (your energetic body) that you build out of distinctions. The more distinctions you weave together into your Being the more consciousness you can catch. At first your matrix is very loose, catching almost nothing. Eventually your matrix becomes like a net catching certain qualities of consciousness. By weaving more and more distinctions together your matrix changes from a net to a sail. Then your life is literally blow forward by consciousness itself and you are serving something greater than yourself.  Consciousness is everywhere, like light. But you don’t see the light until it reflects off of an object and into your eyes. What you see is determined by the qualities of the object the light strikes. The same is true of consciousness. Consciousness is everywhere, but you do not perceive it until it strikes an object, and then the quality of the consciousness that manifests is determined by the structure of the object the consciousness hits. If it strikes a stone you get stone consciousness. If it strikes a cat you get cat consciousness. Gaia has evolved a biological structure that is complex and general enough that it add complexity to its structure of Being during one lifetime – the Homo sapiens. Humans can become more conscious by building more matrix – not by learning more information but by becoming more present. Matrix is built by subjecting yourself to certain beneficial stresses, such as practices, visiting sacred sites, being in the presence of saints, accepting the food the waiter brings even if that is not what you ordered, raising children well, and figuring out what this paragraph means.
  4. WHAT IS PRESENCE? There are two ways to enter presence: identify with everything, or identify with nothing. One of these ways is more practical. The creative power of presence increases when a circular series of conditions are met. I say circular because what follows is not a list of conditions. It is a circle of conditions. This means all of these ingredients work together to amplify presence. If any of them are weak or missing it diminishes presence. These conditions are turned on during authentic adulthood initiations. They include:
    1. You are centered. (Keeping your energetic center of Being located on your physical center of balance.)
    2. You experientially distinguish your Box from your Being. (Staying disidentified with your Box as your self, and also staying disidentified with the other person’s Box and their self. This is means staying unhookable.)
    3. You are in contact with other Beings where they currently are, for example, at which level in the spiral dynamics thoughtmap. (Connecting Being to Being, through the Boxes.)
    4. You consciously navigate and communicate your emotions and feelings. (This is Phase 2 of Feelings Work. Phase 1 of Feelings Work is learning to consciously feel.)
    5. You are conscious of your purpose. (It helps being conscious of your purpose when you have Distilled your Bright Principles – a procedure that is explained in Chapter 8 of the book Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings, and when you have distilled your Shadow Principles in the Hidden Purpose Process –  a grueling 4-hour initiation delivered in Possibility Labs.)
    6. You have your Gremlin on a short leash to serve your Archetypal Lineage. (This is Phase 2 of Gremlin Work. Phase 1 of Gremlin Work is learning that you have a Gremlin to protect your Box’s survival strategy, learning what your Gremlin’s name is, drawing his picture, choosing to put him on a Gremlin food diet that you choose, learning that Gremlin serves Hidden Purposes, and that you can tell your Gremlin to “Sit!” at your side – he has been longing for you to grow up enough to do this so he can get on with his real job of being an endless source of nonlinear possibility for your adult life of serving your Archetypal Lineage.)
    7. You are keeping a minimized NOW. (This means keeping a NOW that is too small for stories, because stories exist in time. If you are running inside of a story you are either in the future or in the past, in other words, in time. In the present there is no time, so there can be no stories. One of the easiest ways to detect if you are present is to check for stories. If you are in a story you are not in the present.)
    8. You are keeping a minimized HERE. (This means keeping a HERE that is small enough to be within reach NOW. The old suggestion to, “Be here now,” might be more accurately stated as, “Be HERE more.” If it is not HERE you have no power to do anything about it yet. Wait until whatever it is comes into your circle and then you are empowered to make a difference with it. For more on this watch the film The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Anthony Hopkins, focusing on the diagram on the floor in Zorro’s training cave. It is the same as the symbol on Zorro’s talisman.
    9. You are ongoingly intentionally splitting your attention and using a neutral, non-judgemental part of your attention to observe yourself and notice what is really going on.
    10. You are consciously using the three basic human creation powers:
      1. Declaring. (You declare what “is” so through consciously using “Is-Glue” to make the High Drama stories that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy.)
      2. Choosing. (You retain the power to choose from an infinite source of options that are not offered on the current menu. This means that every choice is an option.)
      3. Asking. (You use orthogonal questions as a navigational aid, that is, to ask whatever questions are necessary – even if you never heard of them before – to get wherever you need to go. The space determines what is possible. When you need to change the results and you cannot change the circumstance then you can change what is possible by asking questions the answers to which do not exist in current space.)
    11. You are being radically honest and radically responsible.
    12. You are using the endless abundance of possibility that exists in groundlessness for creating and invention – changing your relationship to the emptiness inside of yourself so that you use it to retain access to the void.
    13. You inhabit all 5 bodies, your physical, intellectual, emotional, and energetic bodies so you can live, and your archetypal body so you can play full out and explore during intimacy journeys.
  5. WHAT IS INITIATION? An initiation is any process that causes you to take responsibility for something you never imagined could be taken responsibility for. Generally after an initiation you have more capacity to be present, to perceive, to interact, and to create. Joseph Chilton Pearce defines intelligence as the ability to interact. Accordingly, then, an initiation makes you more intelligent. Initiation also expands your context making your energetic body able to catch more consciousness. Technically, authentic adulthood initiations move your assemblage points from their original position (connected into your mother) to a more adult location. The term assemblage points comes from Carlos Castaneda’s work with Don Juan Matus as described in the book Journey to Ixtlan. Your assemblage points are the origin of your orientation and perspective.  For mind-blowing stories of indigenous initiations please read Robert Wolf’s book about the Malaysian Sng’oi titled Original Wisdom: stories of an ancient way of knowing, and Malidoma Patrice Somé’s book about the Dagara people of Burkina Faso titled Of Water and the Spirit.
  6. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NEXT CULTURE INITIATION AND TRADITIONAL INDIGENOUS INITIATION? Indigenous initiations detach your assemblage points from your mother and anchor them into the traditions of your tribe. The result is that, from then on, the traditions determine every aspect of your life, for example, how to plant the crops and store the food, how to dress, build a house, get married, raise a family, how to celebrate, how to solve problems, how to pray, and how to die. (For an amazing account of the Mayan traditions and initiatory practices read Martín Prechtel’s pair of books: first read Secrets of the Talking Jaguar, and then Long Life Honey In The Heart.) Indigenous initiation makes sense when you have a tradition that is sustainable and you also live in stable environmental conditions. Today, neither of these conditions apply. Modern culture is the opposite of sustainable –  modern culture is ecocidal, and conditions ecologically, technically, economically, and politically are all radically changing. In these circumstances an entirely different type of initiation is required. This different type of initiation is next culture initiation (archearchal initiation). The difference is that in archearchal initiations your assemblage points are removed from being attached to your mother and then for each and every new initiation they are attached to your own center. The result is that from then on you and you alone are responsible for every choice that you make about life. This is also the beginning of radical responsibility, the condition that makes you personally flexible enough to leave behind modern culture and invent and shift into sustainable regenerative culture.
  7. WHAT IS RESPONSIBILITY? Responsibility is applied consciousness. Another way to say this is, responsibility is consciousness in action. Simple, eh?
  8. WHAT IS RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY? Radical responsibility is the realization that what is, is, as it is (from Arnaud Desjardins)…  with no stories attached. None. It is just this (from Lee Lozowick). No meaning at all. It is even meaningless that it is meaningless. Radical responsibility is responsibility without recourse to blame or excuses, unconditional responsibility… the orientation that you alone are responsible for the meanings you attach to anything. This means, for example, that there is no such thing as a “problem.” It means that it is impossible to be a “victim.” It means that irresponsibility is an illusion. It means that you are responsible for everything everywhere being as it is. It means that you chose your parents. It means that if you see a piece of litter lying on the street and you do not pick it up, you are just as responsible for it being there as the person who dropped it there. It is your street. It is your planet. It is your garbage. This is a responsible universe, waiting for you to come out and play.
  9. WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS? (What is this… a galaxical FAQ section?) The universe is built out of consciousness. If you spin consciousness you get subatomic particles. If you vibrate consciousness you get light and other electromagnetic radiations. Is it all one.
  10. WHAT IS A GAMEWORLD? Human beings do not interact with the world as it is. We interact with the world through gameworlds. Gameworlds use the thoughtware from a specific context to establish rules of engagement. For example, having a bank account is a gameworld. Bringing a letter to the Post Office is a gameworld. Working at a company is a gameworld. Driving a car is a gameworld. Renting an apartment is a gameworld. Buying food at the grocery store is a gameworld. Having a family, or a town, or a religion, or an army, or a company, or a country is a gameworld. Any project you create or participate in is a gameworld.
  11. WHAT IS CONTEXT? Context is the relationship that a gameworld has to responsibility and consciousness. For example, the context of the modern culture gameworld is to avoid taking responsibility by externalizing costs to the environment, to future generations, or to “third world” nations so as to show a “profit.” The context used in the gameworlds of next culture is radical responsibility, with the clarity that in a closed cycle ecosystem there is no such thing as profit.
  12. WHAT INITIATIONS DO I NEED? The short answer is, you need them all… why would you want any less? But what does “all” mean? To get a brief idea of what “all” means, have a look at this video that shows a list of possible adulthood initiations you might want to engage to jack-in to your inner and outer resources: Video of Partial List of Adulthood Initiations. The long answer is that you need the next initiations that can be held by the matrix you have already built, or, you need whichever initiations will build the next part of your matrix. The best way to figure this out is to simply trust your intuition and follow what you are interested in. If an initiation attracts you, go for it. Who you become during that initiation will prepare you for your next initiations.
  13. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR INITIATIONS? Once you understand and experience what an authentic Initiator has gone through to serve you as an Initiator… what the authentic Initiator has had to sacrifice and pay to get to the place in their life and in the world where they can actually serve you as an authentic Initiator… you will be happy to give them whatever money they ask for to keep delivering their services. None of the authentic Initiators I know have a lot of money, yet they are the richest people in terms of the quality of their lives and getting to work in alignment with their true values. The key term here is, of course, authentic. How do you determine the authenticity and trustworthiness of an initiator? One useful hint is to meet and hang around with other people making use of the initiator’s skills. Are they empowered, playful, freely expressing their opinions, enthusiastic, creative, nonlinear, asking dangerous questions, giving and receiving feedback and coaching? Are they amazed? If so you may have found an authentic Initiator. Are the participants are adaptive, rule-bound, fanatical, cautious, conforming, fearful, quiet, obeying, playing small, dependent, silent, or whiny? If so you you may have found an initiator who delivers the appearance of competence better than actual competence. In the end, it is the impeccability of the practitioner that creates a good initiator. And… life is shorter than we usually imagine, so make sure to be having Fun!


Each of the initiators below can help you activate your inner capacities and jack-into your outer potentials. If you have any doubts about which initiations you might be missing to power-up as an adult human being with archetypal resources, please read the list in this 7 minute video. The suggestion is to press PAUSE and write down all the initiations you have already activated. The rest are waiting to welcome you into unexpectedly precious new worlds.

It could also be that your next step is to provide initiatory processes for others. At some point on the adulthood path your further learning occurs through serving your fellow humans.

The time to start delivering initiations may become appropriate sooner than you think, unless, of course, you already think it is appropriate, in which case it will probably become appropriate later than you think…

There is a big difference  between the appearance of competence, and competence.

A powerful strategy is to seek continuous feedback from skilled professional initiators and trust their coaching.

You don’t have to deliver initiations perfectly because perfectionism serves unconscious shadow purposes. However, your work does need to be  better than you can do. This happens when Bright Principles work through you.

The Bright Principles need you to succeed and will generate tiny miracles of coincidence and opportunity while you serve as the space through which they can do their work in the world.

Wizards and Sorceresses know that true magic is inspired improvisation. Its authenticity and power comes from its extemporaneousness, from it never having been done before.

What helps most is to start creating what your Being longs to exist,  each time asking your participants for clear and radically honest feedback, then using what they tell you to improve your next edition.

It can be difficult to trust yourself to select a potential initiator. There are many cul-de-sacs and energy-draining whirlpools out here beyond the edges of modern culture (but perhaps less than within modern culture…)

Below is a listing of women and men I personally vouch for as strong initiators beause I have experienced their work.

They have taken enough of a stand for the quality of their services that they ask for feedback and coaching from their participants. Please keep telling them specifically what worked and what did not work for you about their services, and anything you can see or feel that they could try to make their services even more relevant to your life, more thrilling, and more authentically useful.

This list is obviously only a few of the tens of thousands of authentic initiators now available. Perhaps your name should be on this list. If so, please tell us about what you deliver.

Initiators are of necessity themselves initiated. In my opinion we need many more full-time trained-and-initiated initiators working in schools, colleges, universities, corporations, hospitals, vacation resorts, governments, and in private circles right now. Seven billion customers are waiting for you. While we are talking about my opinions… I think that the currency of the future is authentic adulthood initiatory processes.

If it feels like you might have been killed off during the 700 years of Catholic Inquisitions and witch burnings… and as you died you made a vow never to risk helping others with your talents again… notice that killing you did not work. Because you have returned. Consider that it might be time for you to get back to work.

Please take courage  again and help us all grow up and step into the world each day as joyfully initiated adult women and men.

It has been such a pleasure to make the list below! Enjoy!


PACHAMAMA ALLIANCE: “Up to Us” Engagement,, Pachamama Game Changer Intensive:
350.ORG: Start A Group:, 350 Trainings:, 350 Labs:, 350 Campaigns:
CONTEXT INSTITUTE: Catalyzing a graceful transition to the planetary era: Bright Future Now Program.
POSSIBILITY MANAGEMENT: thoughtware upgrades for next culture, authentic adulthood initiatory processes, prepare to enliven your archetypal body.
SECRETGIANT: authentic adulthood initiatory processes, empowerment through practical skill-building and direct experience.
SUNDOOR INITIATIONS: quality shift work, calling back to life the mysterious in each person.


Achim Ecker: awareness training, integral Forum, “the work that reconnects,” World Work, Permaculture, how to create an ecovillage, Global Ecovillage Network,
Alanja Forsberg: Avalon Meetings, deep healing and transformation processes for unfolding human potential,,, mom
Andrew Gaines: transform Australia, whole system change, Kitchen Table Conversations Manual:, The Power of Nudge, Belief Institute,,,
Anne Schmid: soul clothing initiatory journeys – wear clothing preferred by your Being, personal coaching regarding being and presence, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Women’s Lab, Intimacy Research Lab: (German only website, she speaks perfect English),,, gypsy, mom
Annette Türk-Marzell: family constellation, personal coaching and healing processes: (German only website, she speaks perfect English)
Ariana Aomarere: Maori shaman, New Zealand, explains that there is a window of opportunity now open for taking actions to fulfill your biggest dreams and goals. She trains people to be “unreasonable” NOW, to trust your own impulses NOW, to make powerful responsible actions NOW — rather than leaking life energy into all the things that don’t work in the world anyway anymore. Then at the end you can say: “At least I lived. At least I experienced what Earth was.”:, you can connect with Ariana through Wai Turoa Morgan (see Wai’s info below)
Arkan Lushwala: sweat lodge initiation, Arawaka Ceremonial Center, New Mexico, author of “Time of the Black Jaguar”: , Caretakers of Life (5 part video message):, Indigeneous Wisdom Immersion Journey (with Pat McCabe) (24 August to 1 September 2017):
Bert Hellinger: family constellation initiations and trainer training:
Bill Kauth and Zoe Alowan: author of “A Circle of Men,” and with Zoe Alowan, “We Need Each Other,” Gift Circles, co-originator of Mankind ProjectNew Warrior Training Adventure, and New Tribe Training:
Brad Blanton: radical honesty initiations and trainer training, the skills of noticing, author of “Radical Honesty,” “Radical Parenting,” and “Korporate Kannibal Kookbook“:, dad
Carola Mayer-Ackermann: family constellation with feelings work (in Germany): (German only website) ,
Christine Dürschner: personal and group evolution processes applying tools and distinctions of Possibility Management:, (also a mostly German website), creating an ecovillage community: (German only website)
Claudio Naranjo: SAT (Seekers After Truth), personal evolution using enneagram and gestalt for self-awareness, vitality, presence, and transformation (Peru, Argentina, Berkeley California):,,, Special Event near Bremen, Germany: “The Character of Self-Realized Beings and How To Be Inspired By Their Lives” 24-29 September 2018. SAT In Spanish:, and
Clinton Callahan: Transformational-Circle Alchemist, community context upgrades, adulthood and archetypal initiations using Possibility Management tools and processes, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Possibility Management Trainer-Training:, Presence Journeyer TrainingNanonations,  Archearchy as Next Culture, Jellyfish Meetings, Author of “Radiant Joy Brilliant Love” and “Conscious Feelings” and “Goodnight Feelings – a family healing storybook” (all available in German from Next Culture Press), Projects:, dad
Cornelius Butz: Global Consciousness Midwife, Possibility Management trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Intimacy Research Lab, personal evolution processes: 4-Koerpertraining (German only website):, and, Alternative Currencies and Metals: (German only website, he speaks perfect English), archearchy, healing technopenuriaphobia, dad
Dagmar Thürnagel: Illusion Slayer, Feelings Practitioner initiations:, Possibility Management trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Possibility Team: Aufbruch Trainings (German only website, she speaks perfect English), and, Training Center Spielraum in München (Planegg): (German only website):, Alexander Technique, Eye Body
Dahlia Abramovic: Wake-Up-Call Healer, Feelings Practitioner initiations:, Possibility Management trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab: 4-Körpertraining (German only website, she speaks excellent English):, and, Originator of 4-Body Osteopathy, Certified Healing Practitioner, mom
Daniel Koupermann: Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala jungle and highland cultures initiations, secret teachings and exercises for attention and presence,
Dirk Schröder – Wilderness outdoor living and survival school in Southern Germany. Dirk can create the space for you to walk barefoot on burning coals. Dirk speaks great English but his website is only German, so call him if you have questions. Dirk does wonders with city children, giving them some hope to live on planet Earth. He also trains trainers. Dirk’s classes are listed on his websites: and:
Felix Fulda: Possibility Management trainer, Expand The Box trainings, Possibility Lab, Men’s Lab, Rage Club, Possibility Team: and
Fleet Maull: compassionate communication, mindful leadership, radical responsibility training:
Georg Pollitt: Archearchy Infrastructure Knight, Possibility Management trainer, Expand the Box training, Possibility Lab, Intimacy Research Lab, Rage Club, Possibility Team:, and, dad

Gerlinde Fink: Being able to look at life from different perspectives enables us to rediscover the love of life. My concern is to accompany people in this maturation process.

Gero von Aderkas: the Art of Relating initiations, Feelings Rites, Being Rites, weekend-long Passages, feelings-based communication, Reclaiming Anger, Embracing Fear, Melbourne, Australia:
Gigi Coyle: archetypal eleven-day Vision Fast, Way of Council, practice of living and dying: School of Lost Borders:, and
Guy MacPherson: near term human extinction support group:, Climate Change Summary:, Nature Bats Last Podcasts (weekly recorded radio show interviews):, About his leaving the USA and moving to Belize:
Hermano Maya: Yucatan Mayan Shaman healer and wilderness expert, lives near Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico:
Hilde Mohren: personal liquid-state support coaching also using Possibility Management tools and distinctions, expert in telephone and messaged coaching and support: (German only website, she speaks perfect English),, mom
Inge Kögl: Curandero initiator, personal development and unfolding processes, liquid-state navigation, relationship help using some distinctions and tools from Possibility Management and a hell of a lot of common sense: she speaks perfect English, contact her through:
Jennifer Welwood: chief sorceress at Something Will Occur Mystery School:
Jillian Hovey: social alchemist, healer, evolutionary process navigator for individuals and groups, empowers young people, can also do permaculture:
Jim Peal: back in 1987 I drove alone to Sacramento, California, and spent a day with Jim Peal and 19 participants while he made it possible for us to walk barefoot across a bed of hot glowing coals. I was number. Standing at the edge, staring into the searing heat, I used radical trust and was about to take a step when Jim shouted across the coals at me and said, “No! Don’t look at the fire! Look at me!” And when I looked up into his eyes I could feel the entire space shift. It was suddenly possible to walk across the fire barefoot. I walked twice. This experience established the clarity that the space determines what is possible in Possibility Management. If you can get with Jim to do anything, I am sure it will be good:
Jim Rough: teaches choice creating through dynamic facilitation, which then supports wisdom council, a form of community decision making that Austria changed its constitution to officially use. You need to have this in your tool box: Some of the best explanations of Jim’s discoveries are by Tom Atlee:
Joachim Müller: wandering attentively, walking and mindfulness initiatory experiences: (website is German but Joachim’s writing translates well using the Google translator, and if you can join him for a walk he speaks perfect English):
John Croft: originator of Dragon Dreaming initiations, trainer-training:, Interview About Dragon Dreaming:, John’s Blog:
Jonathan Sprungk: business culture transformation also using some tools and thoughtmaps from Possibility Management: (German only website, he speaks perfect English),, dad
Jürgen Birlinger: personal unfolding through voice, movement, emotional clarity, and heartfulness meditation, Trainer-training: (German only website, he speaks perfect English)
Katharina Kaifler: Element Shifter, Feelings Practitioner initiations:, Possibility Management trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, intimacy initiations, personal transformation processes:, (German only website, she speaks perfect English), and, 4-Körpertraining (German only website):, SecretGiant:
Keith Varnum: brings you into direct contact with the multidimensional nature of reality, and if you accidentally dropped through a crack into that realization and feel unsure about how it goes from there, Keith is your man!:, a huge amount of free support materials are available through his website, Matrix Energetics, outdoor adventures
Klaus Strese: Next Culture Organization Initiations:, Possibility Management Trainer and Coach: Possibility Team (in Germany AND Austria), Rage Club, Männerwerkstatt, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Wahre Liebe im Alltag meetings – Kopfstand Trainings and Coaching: (German only website, Klaus speak excellent English)
Lion Goodman: taking radical responsibility for the beliefs that are unconsciously running your life, clean out your belief closet with the Belief Closet Process:, Initiation work with Carista Luminare at Luminary Leadership, relationship repair:
Llewellyn Vaughan Lee: oneness, unity, interconnectedness of all life, lineage holder of Irina Tweedie, Why does your heart feel connected in with something greater than itself?:, Video: Changing the Story – the Need for Magic: (with German subtitles:
Marina Deeken: Light Net Weaver, Gong Initiations, Curandero Tradition, Possibility Management Trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Rage Club, Possibility Team, Relationship Initiations: (German only website, she speaks perfect English), and
Martin Cadeé: edgework innovator and bridgebuilder, invented KnowMads gameworld:, delivers technopenuriaphobia (TPP) Nature Quests wilderness initiations near Barcelona, Spain:, journey beyond the status quo of your life seeking a personal answer to real needs in the world – Journey Quest initiations:, and Mycelium – a disruptively innovative living learning laboratory in Asheville, NC, USA:
Martin Worf – guidance for hand-making your own wooden bow, and instinctual ways to shoot it. Website is German but he speaks excellent English. Email:
Martina Unger: Next Culture Organization Initiations:, Possibility Management Trainer and Coach: Possibility Team (in Germany AND Austria), Rage Club, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Wahre Liebe im Alltag meetings – Kopfstand Trainings and Coaching: (German only website, Martina speaks fantastic English)
Matteo Tangi: Edgework Initiator:, Possibility Management trainer, Expand The Box training, Warrior Intimacy trainings:, originator of Playfights, Playfight Trainer-trainer:, Cacao Ceremonies:, Speaks Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish
Meredith Little: archetypal eleven-day vision fast, way of council, practice of living and dying: School of Lost Borders:, and
Michael Hallinger: Alchemistic Healing Warrior, Feelings Practitioner initiations:, Possibility Management Trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Possibility Team, Overcoming Fear In The Mountains: Aufbruch Trainings (German only website, he speaks some English), and, Training Center Spielraum in München (Planegg): (German only website):, Aikido, stick work (Jo), piano tuning initiations, dad
Michael Pörtner (aka Ini Jones: archetypal quest journeys, men’s initiations, Possibility Management trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Men’s Lab, Possibility Team: (German only website, he speaks perfect English), and, Training Center Möglichkeitenraum (Bielefeld, Germany): (German only website)
Michaela Kaiser: All Comprising Magic World Transformer, Feelings Practitioner initiations:, Possibility Management Trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Women’s Lab, Possibility Team:, Training Center Möglichkeitenraum (Bielefeld, Germany): (German only website, she can speak English), Certified Healing Practitioner, mom
Mick Dodge (aka Barefoot Sensei): experiencing your natural presence in nature, connecting to your own non-neurotic self and its surprising inner strengths and resilience, being at home with next to nothing from modern culture, technopenuriaphobia healing (TPP), pure joy of Being, Foot Camp (not Boot Camp…), Stick Camp, Stone Camp, EarthGym:, National Geographic’s special series about Mick’s teachings and methods:
Mugove Walter Nyika: creating movements through simple persistent communication and right action, making schools into edible permaculture playgrounds, ReSCOPE, Seeding Schools:, Permaculture Network:
Nara Petrovic (NOTE: This is a rare photograph of Nara where he is not doing something that at first seems totally bizarre but after you get to know him makes total and healthy sense…) Technopenuriaphobia healing (TPP), healthy in natural simplicity: (website in Slovenian, Nara speaks perfect English), Introductory Blog in English:, Author of “Human: Instructions for Use”:, Video Documentary of Nara from 2016  “Nara = Human”:
Naresh Giangrande: Transition Town Trainer and Trainer-trainer, Transition Town Totnes, England, personal and especially group shift initiations:, Articles in Resilience Online Magazine:, Online Podcast of Interview at Great Mystery:, dad
Nick Osborne: Social Entrepreneurship, Learning Edge paradigm shifting:, Transition Town Trainer:, Conscious Collaboration:
Nicola Nagel: Global Revolutionary Wisdom Guardian, Business Culture Transformations:, Co-Author of “Edgeworker” (only in German, she speaks perfect English):, Possibility Management Trainer-trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Gaia Lab, Women’s Lab:, and, Articles:
Pat McCabe Woman Stands Shining: circle ceremony, grieving initiations, women’s retreats and restoration: , Indigenous Wisdom Immersion Journey (with Arkan Lushwala) (24 August to 1 September 2017):
Patch Adams: conscious use of Gremlin’s humor to generate love, connection, and rapid healing, clown journeys to Russia, Peru, Costa Rica, incredible initiation opportunity to be with this man on the road:, Gesundheit Institute – help make it happen:, Patch’s Recommended Movie List About Capitalism “the worst disease in history”:
Patrizia Servidio: Evolutionary Crust Blaster, Business Culture Transformations:, Co-Author of “Edgeworker” (only in German, she speaks perfect English):, Possibility Management Trainer-trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Gaia Lab, Women’s Lab, Follow Your Calling:, and, “Gaia Is Hiring” UnConferences:, SecretGiant:
Peggy Dylan: firewalking instructor initiator. Need we say more? Wild hearts, wild grace, journeys to Nepal:
Peter van Oosterhout: Aikido principles and effectiveness during on-the-job Initiations include centering, connecting, attentiveness, profound listening, thoroughly communicating, making precise actions, bringing things to completion, follow-through with eyes in the back of your head: (website only in Dutch, Peter speaks perfect English) and uses some tools and thoughtmaps from Possibility Management:, dad
Philip Munyasia: reinventing community, how to help people where it matters, inventing gameworlds (such as OTEPIC:, ecovillage construction plans:, Grow abundance in mixed cultures – without any chemicals. Recycle your organic waste and make compost. Learn to treat water as a living Being. Be friendly to animals. Make income from the surplus. Save your seeds. Cook with Solar Energy or Bio- gas. Share with your neighbors. And join the global food revolution.
Ralf Kolem: Development Navigator, Gong Initiations, Possibility Management Trainer, Expand The Box training, Possibility Lab, Men’s Lab, Rage Club, Possibility Team: (German only website, he speaks perfect English), and, dad
Regina Birlinger: personal unfolding through voice, movement, emotional clarity, and heartfulness meditation, Trainer-training: (German only website, she speaks perfect English)
Rens van Meegen: Trainer at Reis van de Held (Hero’s Journey) website in Dutch, he speaks English,, Documentary filmmaker: Hummingbird film
Robert Fritz: originator of Structural Dynamics (The reason your life shows up like it does is because of the way you have created your internal structure. If you don’t know about this you can’t do much to change it…):, Radically Responsible Choice Initiations:, Creating Initiations:, Trainer-training, Author of “Creating” and “The Path of Least Resistance” and “Identity”:
Robert Gilman: skill building and insight initiations for being an effective bridge to next culture, Foundation Stones:, Tools for the Journey:, Bright Future Now program:, co-founder of Global Ecovillage Network:
Roman Huber: alternative-culture group process navigating, group decision-making, culture-shift initiations, nanonation gameworld building, for example, the ecovillage Schloss Tempelhof:, or, First Earthship in Germany: (video only in German), and (website only in German), or Directing alternative political organizations such as Mehr Demokratie e.V.:
Rosalind Fritz: Structural Dynamics:, Radically Responsible Choice Initiations:, Creating Initiations:, Trainer-training
Rüdiger Schödel: hand-made stringed instrument initiations: (video with English subtitles), Thoughts Towards Next Culture Music:, The Gremlin Song: (video of song in English), Klangwerk build and play it yourself initiations (German only website, Rüdiger speaks perfect English)
Sabine Lichtenfels: Peace Researching, love is political, creating a global love school, how to establish a nanonation (for example,, creating and making use of stone circles:
Sepp Holzer: water retention landscape design for permaculture applications (for example, Tamera:, large scale ecosystem restoration and transformation, edible forests, gameworld building (for example, Krameterhof:, and now Holzerhof:
Sonia Willaredt: Three-World Earth Mother, Come to Life trainings, Druid Initiations, Possibility Management trainer, Women’s Lab, Gaia Lab, Possibility Lab, personal evolution processes, liquid-state support: (German only website, she speaks perfect English), and, Training Center at Lenzwald:, mom
Sophy Banks: Transition Town Trainer, Heart and Soul, Transition Launches, multidisciplinarianism:
Stacia Beazley: the Art of Relating initiations, Feelings Rites, Being Rites, weekend-long Passages, feelings-based communication, Reclaiming Anger, Embracing Fear, Melbourne, Australia:
Starr Fuentes: Curandero Linear Holder, healer training, the healer’s path:
Stephen Jenkinson (Grief Walker), author of “Die Wise,” building connections with reality and with the Earth, founder of Orphan Wisdom School,
Tataya Radke, Avalon Meeting trainer, deep healing processes to activate personal potential,,, mom
TH Culhane, build your own methane digester initiation, anywhere in the world,
Tom Slater, Avalon Meeting trainer, connector for deep healing processes to activate personal potential,,
Wai Turoa Morgan – New Zealand and Germany, Maori Shamanism: intuition, creativity, nature,


To be transparent, I am working on a book called Initiation with several related projects. However, the Initiation book is hot project #4 on my bench and the other three hot projects will still take some time. This morning (21 June 2017 on La Gomera) I woke up in a sweat knowing I had to somehow start getting this information out to people, so I put together this website for you.

I hope you jump into the precious opportunities offered here. I know of no better people in the world than these I have listed as Initiators. These men and women are not just friends. They are skilled shift agents. They have paid full price. They have taken a stand in the world to bridge people through adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes into next culture, the culture of archetypally initiated women ecstatically collaborating with archetypally initiated men: archearchy.

I encourage you to commit to your own unfolding. What you are truly capable of as an adult human being is guaranteed to surprise you.

No, the path of adulthood is never completed. It has no end.

Yes, once you proceed on the path the next step reveals itself. You do not have to know how it all goes before you start. Just start.

It does not matter where you begin.

What matters most is that you begin.

Initiation is not isolated to your mind. It occurs in all 5 of your bodies simultaneously (physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and archetypal bodies).

Yes, you will change. You will be growing up. Growing up is complex and difficult. It is not for children. Growing up activates so many dimensions of expansion it will blow your mind (thankfully).

Yes, you will leave your childhood behind. It was important, and… it is not your future. Your future is unknown (thankfully).

Either you are a victim of what you did not create and you live in the expectations that someone will rescue you… or you ongoingly create a space for the unexpected and you live in possibility.

Not everyone grows up at the same speed.

One suggestion is to find others you can currently relate to on the pathway of growing up and work as a team to prototype something epic.  Why not start living now in the culture you yourself long for?

Each little team of adults-on-the-path is an alchemical crystal deposited here and there around the world. These teams are slowly coming into resonance to cause the big wave. It is already happening. You can help. How? By jumping into your next steps.

PERSONAL: I made a website at where you can see what else I am working on. I also have a blog where once or twice a year I make a strong communication: http://www.

My books are available at or your local bookshop.

The main website I would refer you to is

And one of my favorite proposals is that you get together with at least two other people and become a nanonation. You will find a sample constitution at

There is no real way to thank me for what I have invented, just as I have no real way to thank those who invented all those things that make my life so wonderful.

The best way to thank me is to use the maps, tools, distinctions, and processes full out and make a great life for yourself and everyone you know. Everything I invent is open code and copy left (Creative Commons BY SA International 4.0 license – Attribute and Share Alike). It is pretty clear that if you get bigger than your childhood survival Box and feed the creative commons you will never go hungry in any of your 5 bodies.

Have Fun!