To be transparent, I am working on a book called Initiation with several related projects. However, the Initiation book is hot project #4 on my bench and the other three hot projects will still take some time. This morning (21 June 2017 on La Gomera) I woke up in a sweat knowing I had to somehow start getting this information out to people, so I put together this website for you.

I hope you jump into the precious opportunities offered here. I know of no better people in the world than these I have listed as Initiators. These men and women are not just friends. They are skilled shift agents. They have paid full price. They have taken a stand in the world to bridge people through adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes into next culture, the culture of archetypally initiated women ecstatically collaborating with archetypally initiated men: archearchy.

I encourage you to commit to your own unfolding. What you are truly capable of as an adult human being is guaranteed to surprise you.

No, the path of adulthood is never completed. It has no end.

Yes, once you proceed on the path the next step reveals itself. You do not have to know how it all goes before you start. Just start.

It does not matter where you begin.

What matters most is that you begin.

Initiation is not isolated to your mind. It occurs in all 5 of your bodies simultaneously (physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and archetypal bodies).

Yes, you will change. You will be growing up. Growing up is complex and difficult. It is not for children. Growing up activates so many dimensions of expansion it will blow your mind (thankfully).

Yes, you will leave your childhood behind. It was important, and… it is not your future. Your future is unknown (thankfully).

Either you are a victim of what you did not create and you live in the expectations that someone will rescue you… or you ongoingly create a space for the unexpected and you live in possibility.

Not everyone grows up at the same speed.

One suggestion is to find others you can currently relate to on the pathway of growing up and work as a team to prototype something epic.  Why not start living now in the culture you yourself long for?

Each little team of adults-on-the-path is an alchemical crystal deposited here and there around the world. These teams are slowly coming into resonance to cause the big wave. It is already happening. You can help. How? By jumping into your next steps.

PERSONAL: I made a website at where you can see what else I am working on. I also have a blog where once or twice a year I make a strong communication: http://www.

My books are available at or your local bookshop.

The main website I would refer you to is

And one of my favorite proposals is that you get together with at least two other people and become a nanonation. You will find a sample constitution at

There is no real way to thank me for what I have invented, just as I have no real way to thank those who invented all those things that make my life so wonderful.

The best way to thank me is to use the maps, tools, distinctions, and processes full out and make a great life for yourself and everyone you know. Everything I invent is open code and copy left (Creative Commons BY SA International 4.0 license – Attribute and Share Alike). It is pretty clear that if you get bigger than your childhood survival Box and feed the creative commons you will never go hungry in any of your 5 bodies.

Have Fun!