Building Matrix

(NOTE: Think of this website as a free online e-book about initiation.  The suggestion is to take the time you need to study it all the way through. I am promising it will be worth it. Almost each paragraph contains a powerful new distinction that your mind cannot digest. Instead, the distinction digests your mind. Each new distinction has the power to hack your worldview into a different shape. By changing the shape of your worldview the universe can interact with you differently and create new results for you. Isn’t that why you are reading this? To get some new results?)

Authentic adulthood cannot be triggered by an empty ritual or mere ceremony. There is, in reality, a gap between leaving behind a childhood survival strategy and activating an adulthood potential.

This gap can be formidable. Making it across the gap is not always successful. Some are lost.

Indigenous initiators knew they would lose about 10% of their candidates for adulthood. Lose meant fatality. Tribes often had a specially carved wooden board for bringing the bodies of the those who failed initiations back to the village where they were honored for having tried.

Hand carved indigenous ritual board for returning the bodies of those who failed initiations to the village so they could be honored for trying.

We haven’t lost anybody, but that is because we make our doorways very difficult to find. You must pass many tests just to get a chair in our initiatory training spaces. You need to have prepared yourself.

Nobody can prepare you for initiation. Nobody can stop you from preparing yourself. The preparation initiates the initiation.

How will you know you are prepared? When you suddenly find yourself at the next level. But then you are already not prepared enough for the next initiation.

There are two ways to work with this. Either you recognize that you can never be prepared enough, or you engage life as ongoing preparation.

Psychopaths don’t make it through authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Their measurable lack of a heart-mind connection dulls their conscience and prevents them from navigating their inner processes. On the other hand, a psychopath’s diminished sensitivities is ideal for climbing hierarchical power ladders in modern culture organizations. If you have no conscience then you can do whatever it takes to get the next power position in government, military, corporate, and religions hierarchies. It was the psychopaths who banned authentic adulthood initiatory processes from modern culture. Now you know why.

Next culture initiations depend on practices for building matrix. Matrix is the structure in your energetic body that holds consciousness. For example, have you ever read a book and then read the same book a few years later? Did you noticed how much more you could get out of the book the second time you read it? Or possibly, you noticed that you had outgrown the book? This is because in the meantime you have built more matrix into your energetic body and are now more conscious.

Matrix is constructed out of distinctions. If you get a distinction it changes who you are. For example, if the distinctions in the previous paragraph landed in your energetic body you are no longer the same person you were before reading it. You have already started interacting with the world in new ways.

The photos below were not staged. They suggest the diversity of initiatory experience needed to activate adulthood. To help you get the bigger picture, here are descriptions of three categories of initiatory processes, although there are many more.

1. One category of initiations focuses on healing the fear that you might suddenly lose modern technology and will no longer be able to survive.

Forty years ago the term technophobia was invented. It means fear of technology. At that time there was widespread fear about all the new technologies invading our lives (fax machines, microwave ovens, garage door openers, electric typewriters, satellite telephones, velcro, etc.)

Eating with chopsticks you made yourself.

Now, one generation later, we can’t imagine living without all this technology. We live in a strong unconscious fear that we might not survive if the car stops, the phone dies, or the refrigerator breaks down. The word for this fear is technopenuriaphobia, fear of losing technology, where penuria means the lack of.

Making by hand your own bow and arrows.

We are born high up on a ladder of technology and modern culture only encourages us to try to climb higher.  Technopenuriaphobia (TPP) is healed through installing low-tech rungs that permit us to descend off the ladder and once again set foot directly on the Earth.

2.  A second category of initiatory processes upgrades the thoughtware we use to think with.

Upgrading thoughtware… didn’t this happen in school? No. School taught us what to think about, not what to think with.

Educators in classes at school provide new content to think about.

Trainers in training spaces provide new distinctions in thoughtware to think with.

Because we inherited most of our thoughtware from our parents before we went to school, we are using thoughtware that has been passed along from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Without special efforts we end up using Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. It is very outdated… Newer and more powerful thoughtware is available with interesting and useful new features.

Upgrading thoughtware occurs in initiatory training spaces.

Why in training spaces? During a thoughtware upgrade there is always this nagging little time after the old thoughtware stops functioning and before the new thoughtware starts. These are liquid states.

Trainers are not Educators.

More importantly, Educators are not Trainers.

We need both. And right now what we need are a lot more Trainers delivering authentic adulthood initiatory processes. Perhaps you are getting ready to start. If so, please do not hesitate.

3. A third category of initiatory processes involves jacking us into our internal and external resources. These resources are abundant in the specific energy and information each person needs for delivering their true calling as a service to Earth.

Some of your new resources are navigated through adulthood levels of responsibility.

Some of your new resources are navigated through archetypal levels of responsibility.

Modern culture knows nothing about these resources, yet both adulthood and archetypal resources are completely natural. They are hard-wired into the human body. We already use many of these resources each day unconsciously to serve shadow purposes. We cannot use them consciously until we install batteries and turn the “on” switch during authentic initiations.

Adult and archetypal initiatory processes are powerful indeed. They may be what you have been longing for since you were about 18 years old, ready to shake off the restrictions of childhood and begin your initiatory journeys into adulthood and beyond.

Glance through these photographs and imagine yourself having these experiences. What would it do to your self-image? How would you integrate that experience into your life?